Bear Communications was established in 2001 on a shoestring budget. The company began with only one truck and a vision. The founders of the company created Bear shortly after the tragedy of 9/11. The group had a strong foundation in the telecommunications industry and decided to create a turnkey communications company of their own. Starting in the Denver area, they pooled their resources and started to move forward with their new company, Bear Communications. The economy was slowly declining after the events of 9/11, but the company persevered.

In the beginning, they looked for every opportunity to create revenue and expand. They installed outlets, painted fences, hung drops, rewired houses and did other odd jobs to bring in funds. In 2002, Bear Communications landed its first major sub-contract in Long Island. It was a simple cable upgrade job but was completed on time and under budget and our reputation started to grow. Over the years the company continued to pursue bigger opportunities and completed sub-contracts in over 20 states. The company grew slowly but steadily as it created a reputation for performing high quality work.

Bear Communications landed its first major contract in Lawrence, Kansas in 2005. From there, Bear Communications grew rapidly, expanded their offerings, and built a staff of over 300 employees operating in many different states. Through trial and error over the years, Bear Communications was able to establish itself as a full service communications contractor with a reputation for doing great work. Today, Bear Communications is proud to say that it has a long list of happy clients and glowing recommendations.

Because of their success, Bear Communications now focuses on providing exceptional service – quality over quantity. They are large enough to take on major projects around the country, but not so large that they treat their employees or clients as numbers.