Bear Communications only uses the best equipment to provide the highest quality of work. We have an extensive fleet of aerial trucks and equipment that can do everything from upgrades to maintenance and repair. Furthermore, we are capable of creating entirely new systems for our clients. The employees at Bear Communications are licensed and trained to handle any type of project.

Some of the aerial construction services that Bear Communications offers include the following :

  • Aerial Lash and Strand Construction
  • Aerial OPGW Construction
  • Aerial Power Construction
  • Bridge/Interstate crossings
  • Cable De-Lash
  • Cable Placement
  • Cable Re-Lash
  • Closure Installation (Splice Closures are installed by Technical Services)
  • Pole Installation
  • Pole Transfers
  • River crossings
  • Riser Placements
  • Strand Placement

We care about the safety of our Bear Communications employees and always take the highest precautions necessary when working in the field. By following safety guidelines, we believe that we can sharply reduce or eliminate the number of accidents sustained by our Bear Communications employees.