Bear Communications provides fiber optic network consulting services. Our professionals are trained to listen to you as you voice your network needs. Whether it’s direct point to point fiber connections or DWDM to accomidate OC-48 or OC-192 networks, we have a solution for you.

Network Design Optimization

We are agnostic in the vendor products arena. We will only recommend to you what you will need to build and future proof your network. We look at all business impact aspects – Capex, Opex and adjacent dark fiber network acquisition in order to save you money.

Advanced Network Testing

Let’s face it, this is not the old Ma Bell copper network we’re working with these days. We use advanced testing and proofing procedures to assure your network delivers five 9s of performance. We provide testing for Chromatic Dispersion, Polarization Mode Dispersion (PMD), Optical Return Loss (ORL) and OSNR for DWDM design.

100 Gb/s Ready

We have the experience and knowledge to design and construct cutting edge fiber networks that gurantee your ROI. From optical packet switching to phased polarization and amplitude modulation of lasers along with advance bit coding, today’s FO networks demand you have an experience resource at the helm.

Why Choose Bear Communications?

We have built thousands of miles of fiber optic networks across the USA. We stay abreast of all cutting edge technology and maintain a field ready staff who’s dedication to building a quality network second to none.