Bear Communications can provide both residential and commercial broadband installations. We are equipped with the best and newest technologies to get the job done fast. All of our broadband employees are trained to work with the equipment and the customers with equal success. We maintain a installation fleet of more than 100 late model trucks that convey professionalism when our techs pull up to the house. Our techs are supplied with and trained to use the latest state of the art testing equipment and tools to test completed installations and reduce service calls to a minimal amount.

Our employees at Bear Communications are professionals that take pride in their work. After completing a thorough screening process, Bear Communications technicians undergo a rigorous training platform. They become experts in product knowledge, performing installations best practices, customer education, addressing customer service concerns and most importantly, how to remain safe on the job.

Some may believe that the era of true customer service has become a lost art for businesses in today’s fast paced world. This misconception has been quickly erased in the minds of the clients that Bear Communications serves. Throughout our network of installation offices we continuously earn the highest customer satisfaction ratings and quality marks month after month when compared with our competition.